"I come from a background of being self-employed and knowing that if you don't work, you don't eat. Most of my life I have been active in the community and church. I want to continue to work for you. With my experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."

I'm proud of the fact that I have reduced the real estate taxes my 1st year as your St. Clair Township Supervisor and kept them at that rate for the next 3 years. Unlike some folks that want to continue to raise your taxes every year, I want your to keep more of your money in your pocket. I will look very strongly at a further reduction in taxes when elected for another 4 year term.

Supervisors Responsibility

Prepare the Annual Budget= work with the trustees to make sure money is available for needed work.

Treasurer for Road and Township: All township funds

Oversee three office staff and three field staff plus a temp in summer.

Prepare annual tax levy

Negotiate union contracts

Responsible for over 100 miles of sewer lines and 16 lift stations serving approximately 6500 citizens.

On call 24/7j

Pursue grants for four parks, including three tennis courtsand two playgrounds.

FOIA Officer

Always looking for ways to earn more interest off the money the township has.

Open door policy to meet with Township Residents

Supervise the General Assistance Program.

Prepare monthly agenda for board meetings.

Chairman of the township board

Must be bonded

Responsible for a sewer plant that serves approximately 3800 customers.

All problems are the Supervisor's responsibility with the exception of the road.  The buck stops here.


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